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Kyle & Danielle ~ Barefoot Wedding in Moscow, PA

Kyle & Danielle ~ Barefoot Wedding in Moscow, PA

A few weeks ago, there were daisies everywhere… My friends Danielle & Kyle were about to get married. They chose the beautiful Moffat estate in Moscow, PA for a very personal and intimate wedding. It helps knowing people well ahead of time, but when you get to a wedding and you have a sense that everything is a perfect reflection of the couple, it’s definitely heartwarming and inspiring.

Flowers were home grown (at least some of them), and all of the decor was handmade. The whole feel of the venue was very inviting and brought together a large group of people to celebrate a well-loved couple.


Did I mention there were daisies everywhere?

This was yet another wedding where Daniel of Darkershadesofbrown helped me capture the day. These shots of the guys getting ready are precious. (So are the ones that I can’t show in public…)

Only a little excitement at Danielle’s house with the ladies…

One of my favorites of the day.

The carriage ride was a surprise, the guys had no idea…

Danielle’s father performing the ceremony…

I love a bride who’s overcome with emotion.

One part of their ceremony, and something I hadn’t seen yet, was a chance for married men & women to give advice to the couple just before their vows. It was touching to see how many people were willing to share their experiences and show Danielle & Kyle that they have friends willing to help them grow together as husband & wife.

Danielle’s four brothers performing a song…

Washing each other’s feet. This comes from Jesus’ instruction to the disciples to do the same. A symbol of be willing to serve each other.

This bible, a gift from the parents, has each verse written in someone else’s handwriting. They were gathered from all over the country.

Fleeing the mob!

For some alone time.

For their cake, they chose a book to represent themselves, and one to share… Honestly, I’d love to see some of Charlotte Bronte’s characters have a run-in with some serious calvinball…

Friends of Danielle’s family, some of their amish guests presented the newlyweds with a hand-made quilt.

I think they were impressed.

Also provided by the same guests, a tug-of-war style game that Kyle fell in love with.

And Kyle’s other favorite activity, a slack line.

Absolutely love these two. I’m so extremely thrilled to see them taking this step together. I can’t really express how much joy these two instill in the lives of everyone they come across.



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